Why People Need To Clean Air Duct Corners

Update:22 Aug 2018

"Proper airflow in an HVAC system ensures conditioned a […]

"Proper airflow in an HVAC system ensures conditioned air reaches every corner of a home. If airflow is disturbed for some reason, parts or all of a house may become less than comfortable due to a lack of heated or cooled air."

Conditioned air flows through ducts throughout a home. When these ducts become blocked by dust or are improperly installed, it can lead to drastically decreased air flow.

While air flows through ducts, two forces act upon it, which can reduce airflow. The rubbing of air against the sides of the duct causes friction.

Duct used in heating and air conditioning systems is flex duct. This type of duct has many folds to allow it to be stretched and bent into any needed shape. However, if these ducts are not stretched out tightly, they can generate a lot of friction and reduce airflow.

Turbulence is generated when air is forced to turn. Essentially, it pushes against itself, reducing its forward momentum. Turbulence becomes a problem if the corners in a duct system are not properly set up.