HVAC tooling: anti-smoke system construction should pay attention to matters

Update:29 Aug 2017

Anti-smoke system construction considerations: 1, profe […]

Anti-smoke system construction considerations:
1, professional design is to ensure that the basis of construction norms. Smoke control system design, the need for a professional design staff, the need to follow the relevant specifications to design, to learn from the lessons of the past, the design of a truly safe and reliable smoke control system; construction should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings Operation, not free to change the direction of the pipeline and equipment selection. To ensure that the true quality of products and equipment in order to ensure the operation of the entire equipment.
2, the details of the decision success or failure, smoke and smoke system construction the same way. The surface of the exhaust and fresh air suction port distance between the two should not be less than 8 meters, such as less than 8 meters from the distance between the two should be set up to block the smoke interaction facilities to prevent the discharge of flue gas Pour back into the building. Fresh vents must be higher than the height of the exhaust port 5m. Stagger set height.
3, in the construction process, we must do all aspects of protection measures. Second, the duct, the wind shaft along the hole to be sealed, the shaft to the inner wall to be smooth, the duct should minimize the number of turns to open the wind, the wind pipe, And angle; Third, set in the sky to send, exhaust fan, the valve can not sun and rain, should be set up shelter protection facilities.
4, smoke control system is a high degree of concealment of the project, in the construction of the need to strictly control the closed engineering, careful testing, often need to check the hidden parts of the valve equipment to be set to check the observation port for future inspection and maintenance; Pressure air fog smoke area of the normally closed fire doors must be normally closed and sealed, door gap can not exceed the requirements of the specification.
Standardized construction and installation, is to ensure the smooth operation of the smoke-proof system basis, but also to ensure the health and safety of life the key. Zhong An Jin Road Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., responsible for the professional and reliable, in the HVAC tooling, with strong strength, rich experience and talent support, confirmed that it is a reliable choice.