Furniture Metal Parts Will Not Waste Resources

Update:14 Nov 2017

Furniture metal parts refers to furniture production, f […]

Furniture metal parts refers to furniture production, furniture, the use of hardware components needed to use. Such as the sofa legs, lifters, backrest frame, spring, gun nails, feet, connections, activities, fastening, decoration and other functions of the metal parts.

Chinese traditional furniture did not need furniture metal parts, all functions are based on the realization of wooden structure, metal used as a decoration in the ancient furniture, until the Ching Ming period, the metal was furniture (mainly wooden boxes, cabinets Body lock, edge, hinge, etc.) to achieve a simple function.

Since 1980s, the panel furniture came into our country from the west, the furniture metal fittings began to be widely used in the furniture. After nearly 30 years' development, the function of the furniture metal parts in the furniture was also more and more important. People began to pay attention to the quality of the furniture from the plate, green slowly turned to hardware accessories. With the furniture in recent years, the pace of individual development, the needs of people's furniture has also been slowly from the most original storage function to exquisite living experience needs, and these experiences directly from the furniture hardware accessories, therefore, In the next period of time, furniture hardware accessories will become the most critical factor in the overall quality of furniture.

With the rise of the "green revolution" in the iron and steel industry and the promotion of "zero energy consumption" production process, the use of metal materials from selection to production and after-use elimination will not bring wastage of resources to the society, Unfriendly impact is a reusable, sustainable resource product. Moreover, furniture metal parts can fire and moisture. Fire is mainly reflected in the furniture metal parts can withstand the test of fire, so that losses to a minimum. Moisture is best suited to moist areas.