Customized Stamping Parts Are Needed In Various Industries

Update:04 Dec 2017

Metal stamping is a crucial process in many complex ind […]

Metal stamping is a crucial process in many complex industries. In the medical field, long-term metal stamping, also known as progressive die stamping, can produce high-precision parts for medical devices. Medical metal stamping can produce thin metal parts. Metal precision stamping in the medical device industry has helped to create better surgical instruments that lead to the overall success of treating patients.

Stamping is a press and mold by plate, tape, pipe and profiles such as the external force, so that the plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the desired shape and size of the workpiece (stamping parts) forming method. Stamping and forging the same plastic processing (or pressure processing), collectively known as forging. Stamping blank is mainly hot and cold rolled steel and steel.

Customized stamping parts are also a very important part of the automotive industry. Customized stamping parts are used to form the brake and airbag components - absolutely essential for safe vehicles. For work vehicles, metal precision stamping is used to make oxygen sensors, injectors and other sensors to adjust your vehicle to keep it moving on the road.

In the aerospace industry, accurate equipment and gauges can mean the difference between successful and failed flights. Metal precision stamping is custom and accurate for the creation of gauges, landing gear, navigation systems and aircraft engines.

For our security and defense, the army relies on appropriate ammunition, transport and precise equipment. From military helicopter instrumentation and instrumentation to battle bayonet assemblies, metal stamping is used for manufacturing. The U.S. military requires our technology and defense equipment to be the most advanced and accurate, and precise custom stamping is the process used to make these critical components.